Process and Engagement

In the fall of 2020, Baptist Housing held two Public Information Meetings at the EI Har Centre for Jewish Life on the North Shore, plus an interactive webcast (virtual meeting), to inform the community and answer questions about the proposed development. 

Several key themes emerged in the feedback we've received from the public and we've respond with improvements addressing them in our updated design. A summary of this feedback has been included in our development permit application which has now been formally submitted to the District of West Vancouver.


Design and density and impact on local neighbourhood

The new LTC building will no longer be one large building, but two buildings. This makes the overall structure less massive, opens up access to the centre courtyard at Inglewood, makes the edge more "porous" to the neighbourhood, and better protects views for residents on Burley Drive. The south LTC building height along Burley Drive has dropped from six storeys above grade, to four storeys.


Traffic and noise from increased density

There will now be one main entrance on Inglewood Avenue with a right-in, right-out access on Taylor Way - an earlier planned entrance on Burley Drive has been eliminated. All traffic entering Inglewood will be routed underground for parking and service deliveries. A bike lane and crosswalk have been added on Burley Drive for further traffic calming.


Construction impact and duration

We've decided construction workers are to be shuttled to the site from an offsite parking area, to reduce the impact of construction traffic.


Impact on views

The reduction of the height of the south LTC building and inserting the building below grade helps to lessen the height on Burley Drive.


Environmental stewardship

The project takes a holistic approach from user experience to environmental performance. Among the features:

  • Salmon Safe has been engaged
  • Photovoltaic arrays are being considered to help generate power
  • On-site housing for team members reduces overall commutes and supports local economy by having people live in West Vancouver instead of a far-away suburb
  • Planning for future climate adaptability and resilience through an energy study
  • Use of low or no volatile organic materials


April 2021: Application submitted to District of West Vancouver for rezoning and development application

Inglewood timeline