Revitalization of Inglewood Care Centre

Providing a new continuum of care

Our dream at Inglewood, is to establish a Centre of Excellence for Seniors Wellness— with a focus on how we, as a society and community, can better care for our elders.

Baptist Housing acquired Inglewood last February with a commitment to invest in seniors care and housing in West Vancouver. Baptist Housing is an experienced and reputable non-profit seniors housing provider with 21 residences around B.C. and a mission to create environments that enable the holistic wellness of residents, team members, visitors, and community members. For more information on Baptist Housing, please click here.

The first phase of Inglewood’s redevelopment will see an entirely new Long-Term Care Centre (LTC) built to replace the existing building. Current residents will remain living in their present homes until the new adjacent residence is complete.

In future phases, additions will widen the available variety of options for care and suites to include Affordable Housing, Assisted Living, Independent Living and on-site residences for staff.

The Province of BC and Vancouver Coastal Health Authority are supportive of this redevelopment.

Our Vision

By and large, West Vancouver residents enjoy good health and a long-life expectancy in part due to healthy behaviours, good access to health services and social supports, and a clean environment.

The convergence of an aging population, less affordable and suitable housing, increased demands on health and social supports, and a largely non-resident workforce suggests a possible decline in overall health and wellness of West Vancouver seniors as a group in the future.

In partnership with BC Housing and the Ministry of Health, Baptist Housing proposes to replace the existing Inglewood Care Centre with an inclusive, next generation, Continuum of Care.

The master plan proposes a synergistic combination of quality Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Affordable Housing for Seniors and for team members.

This proposed redevelopment will better serve existing Inglewood residents while providing quality options for a broader community of West Vancouver seniors and their families.

These new residences will be adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of the community.

The project is designed to nurture healthy behaviours and support connection to nature while providing easy access to health services tailored to an aging population.

The site will be universally accessible and welcoming to people of diverse abilities and levels of impairment.

The project seeks to maintain and improve the abilities of residents through features such as flexible fitness spaces and outdoor walking paths with moderate inclines.