Non-Medical Essential Services

Better at Home Services

Volunteers, contractors and paid staff from local non-profit organizations provide Better at Home services. They are designed to complement existing services and are based on the unique needs of local seniors. Examples include:

  • Friendly phone conversations
  • Transportation
  • Light yard work
  • Minor home repairs
  • Light housekeeping
  • Grocery shopping

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Register for NEW Safe Seniors, Strong Communities Program

A program that matches seniors who need support with non-medical essentials, to volunteers in their community who are willing to help. If you are a senior in need or would like to volunteer to help a senior in your community call 2-1-1 from 8:00am to 7:00pm. You may also visit online at


A clean mask protects you and those around you!


It’s important to wear a clean mask.This means you will need multiple masks so you always have a clean one ready to use. Reusable masks can be purchase at most grocery, drug and department stores. 

When should I change my mask?

  • Anytime it is damp or dirty
  • Anytime you touch the front with unwashed hands

How do I wash my reusable mask?

  • Machine wash on hot with your laundry
  • Hand wash hot water with soap & hang dry

Disposable masks:

  • These are NOT washable
  • Discard in lined garbage can/bin
  • Need to be replaced regularly