Our Spiritual Care Initiatives

At Baptist Housing, we care about the whole person, and our commitment to nurturing holistic health is expressed through the specific provision of Spiritual Care. We ensure all our residents have access to a Chaplain, and through casual conversation to grief support, chapel services and more, we aim to build trusting relationships which help our residents live life to the fullest.

With over 2750 residents and 2075 team members and only 14 chaplains, we realized we needed assistance in order to provide quality spiritual care. At an international conference for seniors, we were introduced to the Spiritual Care Series, a training program for volunteers interested in providing spiritual care to seniors. The video below will introduce you to this amazing training series:

Although we are affiliated with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches, we welcome and respect people of all faith in our senior living communities. Our interdenominational services allow those with different faith backgrounds a regular opportunity to worship. Residents are also encouraged to attend their own place of worship in the community if possible.

As part of the provision of Spiritual Care, we provide the following services and other programs to enhance and develop one's spirituality.

  • Bible Studies
  • Chapel Services
  • Memorial Services and Planning
  • Hymn Sings
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Prayer
  • One on One Sessions
  • Spiritual Care Training for Volunteers
  • Wedding Vow Renewals

The goal of our chaplains is to share life's journey with others, whether they be travelling through difficult times of celebrating highlights. Our chaplains are available to those who desire support and encouragement. Sometimes it may just be a listening ear and a prayer. At other times, it may be assisting someone work through personal issues that remain unresolved.

The chaplaincy has helped me once again be closer to God. I have been growing in my studies that's to their help. - Mike, Resident

Meet our Chaplains



Our Spiritual Care Training

Caring for the seniors in our churches and community in a way that's meaningful and impactful can be challenging. Spiritual Care Series is a training resource that will help your church reach out to this vulnerable and growing population in our communities. This 8 session course prepares those who serve seniors to provide thoughtful, relevant, spiritual support to those involved in the aging journey. It is an excellent tool for training leaders who serve on care teams, visitation teams, in-church ministries to seniors, or in local senior's centres or residences.

Spirituality: Meaning, purpose, self-transcending knowledge, significant relationships, love and commitment, as well as a sense of God amongst us.  ― John Swinton

This training can give older adults in your church the opportunity to find purposeful ministry by caring for and reaching out to this vulnerable and growing population in our communities. Spiritual care has to do with being alongside people in ways that recognize and respect their spirituality, and which strive to facilitate the person's ongoing search for meaning, purpose, hope and value. Topics of the sessions include: 

  • Understanding the Aging Journey
  • Spirituality in Aging
  • Good Communication
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Dementia
  • A New Home and A New Life
  • Loss, Grief, Death and Dying
  • Roles, Boundaries and Self Care

The Spiritual Care Series is the benchmark for scale-able, internationally informed training for health professionals and volunteers alike. It is specifically designed to equip participants with the skills they will need to offer thoughtful, relevant spiritual support to those involved in the ageing journey. For more information about the Spiritual Care Series, please visit https://spiritualcareseries.ca/